Confessions of an English Teacher

There have been many assumptions about being a teacher, especially one with a bachelor’s degree in English: you never mispel a word, you never forget a comma and you’ve read every Harry Potter. Well, folks, I’m about to meet at least one of these criteria: I’m on book five of the Harry Potter series! I’m so entranced by this series, I’ve read the first four in two months. It’s bewitched me (pun intended). J.K. Rowling has impressed me with her realistic fantasies that I dream of hiding, running from, and fighting “you-know-who.”

Rowling knows her audience. She knows how to make a boy, who becomes the savior of the world, a most relatable adolescent and teenager. She knows how to remind the reader throughout her books about small details that she may have introduced earlier in the novel or even earlier in the series. Anyone can pick up any book in the seven book series and know what’s going on. She makes this fantasy world a reality for the simplest of imaginations to expand and dive into the magical world. Ms. Rowling, I tip my cap to you.

#sliceoflife #ChallengeAccepted


HP Order of the Pheoniz


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