Greek gods, goddesses and then some

The Greek gods have changed my perception of “gods.” The word “god” makes me think there is perfection and justice, but these gods are nothing close. There is quarreling, dissension, vengeance, murder, infidelity. Every moral law seems to have been broken by at least one god.

Our class has started to read Greek myths and most recently read the Creation Myth. In this tale, Gaea procreates with Uranus, her son. After banishing his superficially unattractive spawn to an unescapable pit, they then retaliate against their vain father, with encouragement from their mother. This tension between fathers and sons continues for generations.

Every story has a lesson, a theme, a central idea. Though those who act in a more righteous manner do win at times, these myths set a pattern of distrust. These seemingly absurd and extravagant tales of Greek gods and goddesses have roots in so much of our current culture. There is much to be studied and learned from them.

An interesting and lengthy documentary on Greek Mythology, but would be helpful for our study of Greek gods and goddesses in our seventh grade classroom.

Video post.

Source: Documentary Greek Mythology God and Goddesses